"Stuart rose from the ditch, climbed into his car, and started up the road that led toward the north…. As he peeked ahead into the great land that stretched before him, the way seemed long. But the sky was bright, and he somehow felt he was headed in the right direction." (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

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Water tower (25)

creme oakfield edit

“Creme Oak”

Located off Stevens St. in Oakfield, NY

Characteristics: Tan,beige in coloration and small in diameter. Four legs extending down to the base, off-white panels on the tank offset the black bold text (OAKFIELD NEW YORK) Top of the tank is flat with metal hardware above.

Details: Take I-90 West to Exit 48 toward Batavia. Keep right toward Albion and turn right onto Rt-98. Turn left onto Batavia-Elba Townline Rd. Turn right onto Lewiston Rd then turn left onto South Pearl St. then right onto Stevens St. Stevens St. will wind through a small neighborhood and bring you to a dead end near a series of factory/storage buildings. At this point you will clearly see the tower nestled among them.




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Water tower (24)

oakfield edit 1

“Plain Oak”

Located on Gary Cemetery Rd. in Oakfield, NY

Characteristics: Tall, thin, metal structure with four legs and standard faded teal coloration. Rust and pitting on base and legs. Conical top with capitalized text reading (OAKFIELD)

Details: Take I-90 West to Exit 48 toward Batavia. Keep right toward Albion and turn right onto Rt-98. Turn left onto Batavia-Elba Townline Rd. Turn right onto Lewiston Rd then turn left on Maple Ave. Turn right onto Gary Cemetery Lane from Maple Ave and you will see the tower on the right.

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Dandelion Small – Batch Chocolate Tasting

Yesterday afternoon we both had the pleasure of sampling three wonderful chocolate bars from Dandelion Small-Batch Chocolate. They are a new factory located in the Mission District of San Francisco and took honors as a Good Food Award finalist for 2012. As a fresh business with an awesome bean-to-bar approach, they won our taste buds over in the past and we couldn’t pass up a side by side sampling.

dandelion bundle edit

Our first observation upon splaying out the bars was evidence of lustrous and elegant wrapping. The appearance of delicate gold-foil like designs create the impression of an antique gift. The next examination we made was based on a clear presentation of cacao origin. Included as a part of the packaging text was also a note of recognizable flavor characteristics made by the roasters from Dandelion. Personalized initials on the back side really emphasized the sense of Small – Batch as it erased the possibility of mass production. In this we concluded that comparatively it felt more intimate to be tasting chocolate from a young company with smaller output vs. an international company such as Lindt, Godiva who mass produce their “chocolate”.

3 bar series edit

dandelion vertical edit

dandelion package edit

dandelion bar edit

So, let’s talk taste! While Will & I definitely have very different interpretations of the chocolate during our tasting experience, I will share them all. (Note that mine are probably less refined and slightly more obnoxious) 🙂

Rio Caribe-

Aromatics-cane, oats, mud

Flavor-pine needles, smoke, s’mores, cedar, woodoil, bread



Flavor-fruit punch, sour patch kids, cheap wine coolers, plum, raisan, tangy finish



Flavor-malts, beer, dates, fig

These, honestly, were the most incredible chocolates we have ever had. The intense spectrum of flavors challenged our ability to define taste using specific raw foods we had experienced. We were sad to see them slowly (not really) disappear. So, grab some online. It’s WORTH IT!




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ADK Whiskey Tasting

There is no substitute for a glass of whiskey by the fire on your winter vacation. Last weekend Megan and I spent three days in Keeseville New York doing just that. Our mornings opened with oatmeal and fresh organic Nicaraguan coffee from Joe Bean Coffee Roasters. We shared the cozy rustic environment with my brother and his wife who equally enjoyed scenic snowfall, a large jacuzzi and tackling winding roads in 4-Wheel Drive.

For ease of consumption we acquired our own goodies to sustain us, but split dinner duties for two nights. Friday consisted of a delicious and hearty shepherds pie meal prepared by my sister in-law. The abundance of locally harvested venison cooked just right and creamy mashed potatoes made for a perfect precursor to an evening dip in the jacuzzi. The late night drive from the night before didn’t interfere with the desire to split logs and document this excellent whiskey tasting. Here are the results!

scotch pair log edited


Bulleit Rye Whiskey

Aroma: Creamy lighter fluid with hint of leather oil and tinge of berry. Smooth yet aged in scent.

Taste: Sweetness of berry with pine undertones. Spicy and floral.

Mouth feel: Smooth like velvet yet full.

Color: Light Amber/Rust

Finish: A bitter tang with lasting zest.


Glenmorangie Scotch

Aroma: Sharp and piny.

Taste: Wood, honey

Mouth feel: Sweet light and syrupy.

Color: Apple juice, light honey, urine, “Genny Light”

Finish: Soil, root minerals


I hope you get the opportunity to try out these two whiskey labels. If you are feeling adventurous throw in some Indian leg wrestling as well. Cheers!


robes group edited