"Stuart rose from the ditch, climbed into his car, and started up the road that led toward the north…. As he peeked ahead into the great land that stretched before him, the way seemed long. But the sky was bright, and he somehow felt he was headed in the right direction." (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

Beer, Coffee, Wine and Spirits

This section includes beverage product reviews, recipes using liquids listed in the aforementioned category and general home brew methods.


Local, New York State IPA Showdown

Last Monday (August 20, 2012) we got together with another couple (thanks Ray and Malaina!) to do our first beer evaluation. Now, let me preface by saying we are certainly not professionals. But we are, rather, enthusiasts. We chose 4 different local breweries, each carrying an IPA (2 of which were double IPA). While sniffing, tasting, and laughing together in a kitchen (settled in the middle of some nice patches of forestry) we embarked on our first informal tasting. The following beers are rated based on these four categories:

1.)Graphics (cause it matters)




  Blue Point – No Apologies Imperial IPA

Graphics- Busy, 90’s skater, chaotic, “Hot Topic”

Color- Cloudy amber, thick lacing

Aroma- Citrus, fruit

Flavor- Sap-like, pine, less sweet than Unearthly, bitter with a clean finish

                                                                                                   Three Heads Brewing – The Kind IPA

Graphics- 70’s theme, illustration, hippie

Color- Whiskey, transparent, light honey

Aroma- Floral, citrus

Flavor- Light, little to no head, chalk, bitterness of hops from start to finish, flower-like

Rooster Fish Brewing -Hop Warrior IPA

Graphics- Tribal, but playful, illustrative, pacific islands

Color- Burnt umber, clear brown

Aroma- Syrup, old meat, butter/popcorn

Flavor- Gritty, grapefruit (like an amber ale with hop characteristics)

Southern Tier Brewing- Unearthly Imperial IPA

Graphics- Simplistic, illustrative vegetation, represents the beer well

Color- Light amber

Aroma- Honey, sweet, butter scotch

Flavor- Syrupy, hop bitterness without hop flavor, caramel



2 thoughts on “Beer, Coffee, Wine and Spirits

  1. Hey, I really liked your beer review! I haven’t seen most of these beer at my local store so I will have to do some research and see if I can find a few. Most of them sound pretty interesting!

    • Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it. We are a bit spoiled here in town with Beers of The World 10 mins away. They have quite a variety and selection to choose from including seasonal, international etc.

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