"Stuart rose from the ditch, climbed into his car, and started up the road that led toward the north…. As he peeked ahead into the great land that stretched before him, the way seemed long. But the sky was bright, and he somehow felt he was headed in the right direction." (from Stuart Little by E.B. White)

Kiss and Makeup


For Christmas Megan purchased a stage makeup kit for me after hearing about a class I took several years ago during undergrad. The previous kit I acquired was lost at some point between moving from college to home. Being the wonderful girlfriend that she is, not only did she think of all the great things that could come from such a gift, but she also constructed a more permanent case for the makeup supplies. As an educator in one of the local school districts, she gained access to the schools wood shop, thus a beautiful butternut makeup box was born. It has a routed top edge, seamless edges/joints, numerous compartments to keep the makeup separate [You gotta keep ’em separated] and a very thoughtful bible verse that I will always look to for encouragement. Thank you Jesus!

For anyone who has browsed the wood/craft section of this blog you’d know that all my creations never fit within an individual medium. I’m never satisfied utilizing one type of material over and over again. It’s probably a good thing I wasn’t confined to a single concentration in college. That might have been a disaster. My work recently has been created to serve as costume props and the like. Materials such as foam, paper mache, fiberglass, resin and cardboard come together for such processes. All of this has been a drastic change from sewing burlap, plastic film and polyester on an old sewing machine. [See said works in TEXTILES, WOOD AND RECLAIMED CRAFT section of our blog.]

Although I did just complete a trout painting as a Christmas gift, I’ve also completed two stage makeup tutorials in the past week. This includes a lynx inspired makeup and basic old age makeup. To expand on the present idea I plan on researching film and animation for further makeup ideas. This includes Disney, Pixar, Studio Ghibli and any original character ideas that come along the way. Below you can view my current makeup jobs as well as view a more extensive portfolio in our new makeup section of the blog. There is also a link posted below that will bring you to my youtube channel. There you can view extensive tutorials on makeup, art projects etc. Thanks for reading and happy blogging.


Makeup Tutorials

Old Age Makeup

Makeup Artist: Will

Model: Megan

old edited 1 age comparison final


2 thoughts on “Kiss and Makeup

  1. I sincerely hope we are still in each other’s lives when you look like that Meggie Boo.

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